Friend In Need

Jennifer Hill is an employee of David Brinkley's who lost everything in a house fire two weeks ago. Just a few days after she started working at the detail shop she called off work because she had come home to a burned-down mobile home. She lives with her 20 year old daughter, Tiana, and also has a 21 year old son. David and Christy have offered financial help and clothing to her but they are still in need of many things as they had insurance on their home but not the contents and are currently living in a hotel.

Some of Jennifer's specific needs are:

  • Clothing size 12-14
  • Shoes size 8.5-9
  • Housewares - furniture, small appliances, dishes, bedding, eeeeeverything.

After the help the Brinkley's provided, Jennifer's daughter gave them a 3-page Thank You Letter about what a difficult life Jennifer has had, including a 4-year battle with cancer, and what a wonderful mother she is despite her difficult life. She also described how humbled they are by the (very small) ways we reached out to help virtual strangers.

If you would like to lend a hand and to show this family God's love in a very tangible way, please contact Christy Brinkley at or ‭(734) 552-1194.

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