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Newcomer's Orientation

On the four Sundays in June (5th, 12th, 19th, and 26th) during the Discovering God hour (11:00 a.m.), we’ll offer our periodic Newcomer’s Orientation. The Orientation is for those who’d like to know more about CBC.

This class is designed to assist those who are new to CBC as you consider whether CBC is the place for you and your family.  The choice of a church is a serious matter that must be made prayerfully and be a decision based on adequate information about the church.

We have no illusions that ours is the only church; there are many that are faithfully carrying out the Lord’s work.  But we do believe we have established a God-honoring church that provides a way for each member of your family to grow and serve.  We hope that this class will be profitable to you as you undertake this important decision.

Later Event: June 5
New Member's Class