Systematic Theology classes taught by Dr. Mark Snoeberger of Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary.

Systematic Theology 1

Introduction to Theology and the Doctrine of Scripture

An introduction to systematic theology (Prolegomena), together with a survey of the doctrine of the Bible (Bibliology).

Systematic Theology 2

The Doctrine of God

A systematic survey of the doctrine of God (theology proper), including major discussions of his personality, attributes, Tri-unity, and decree.

Systematic Theology 3

The Doctrine of Christ

A systematic survey of the doctrine of Christ (Christology), including major discussions of his person/attributes (his humanity, deity, and theanthropic unity) and his work (chiefly his atonement, but also his resurrection, ascension, intercessory work, and coming in power).

Systematic Theology 4

The Doctrine of The Holy Spirit

A systematic survey of the doctrine of the Holy Spirit, including discussions of his person/attributes and, in greater detail, his works, including his works (1) in the world (e.g., common grace and revelation), (2) in believers individually (e.g., regeneration, indwelling, and sanctification), and (3) in the church collectively (e.g., the baptism and gifts of the Spirit). Attention will also be given to the question of continuing gifts, revelations, and prophecy in the church today.