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You Mean the Bible Teaches That?

Did you know the Bible addresses contemporary issues? Although it was completed nearly 2,000 years ago, its teachings are as relevant today as when they were first written.

The ancient wisdom contained in its pages has made it the best- selling book of all time, yet many consider it to be out of touch with today’s concerns. But God has given timeless instruction in the Bible on the important issues we face today such as abortion, homosexuality, capital punishment, and much more.

Please join us May 5 – June 30 for a 9-week survey of the Bible’s teaching on these vitally important matters. Together we will get God’s perspective from the manual He has given to guide our lives, and we’ll see first-hand why the Bible is no ordinary book.


MAY 5 - Homosexuality, Pt. I

MAY 12 - Homosexuality, Pt II

MAY 19 - Abortion

MAY 26 - Evolution

JUNE 2 - Capital Punishment

JUNE 9 - Race

JUNE 16 - Divorce

JUNE 23 - Suicide

JUNE 30 - Q & A